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Experience enhanced security right here in your community with our locally installed, tailor-made systems. Designed specifically for your home, they offer the convenience of being controllable from any location.

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Smart Home Security

Central Ohio Security delivers top-tier smart home security solutions, combining cutting-edge technology for superior protection and ease of use. Their systems feature constant monitoring, Crash & Smash protection, and user-friendly controls for everyday convenience. Services include fire, carbon monoxide detection, video surveillance, and remote control of locks, garage doors, and thermostats, ensuring comprehensive home safety and comfort.

Home security system
Video monitoring from anywhere

Video Monitoring

Central Ohio Security’s video monitoring system combines smart security cameras with advanced features for comprehensive property surveillance. Cameras distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles, delivering relevant alerts. Perimeter Guard™ deters intruders with visual and audio warnings. With indoor and outdoor coverage, including video doorbells with Two-Way Audio, the system ensures constant monitoring. Continuous local recording with high-resolution HDR cameras offers clarity and security, all integrated into a seamless home automation and security solution.

Home video surveillance cameras

Locks & Garage Doors

Central Ohio Security’s locks and garage door controllers revolutionize home security by offering instant access control and alerts. Users can remotely manage entry, disarm their system, and receive notifications about family arrivals or security oversights. The system replaces keys with customizable digital codes and offers remote monitoring to remind users to lock up or close the garage. Integrated seamlessly with mobile apps, Alarm.com ensures a secure, convenient, and well-managed home environment.

Remote garage door operation and monitoring
Home temperature control. Smart thermostat.

Smart Thermostats

Our Smart Thermostat goes beyond traditional temperature control, offering a smarter, integrated approach to home comfort and energy savings. It connects with your home’s security system sensors for real-time adjustments based on your presence, habits, and weather conditions. Key features include room-specific temperature control, energy-saving modes when you’re away, safety shutdowns in case of smoke or carbon monoxide, and easy operation via app or voice commands. This advanced thermostat ensures your home is always comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe.

Lighting & Shades

Central Ohio Security offers an integrated home lighting and shade control solution. Easily manage your settings via an app or voice commands. Automate your lighting for schedules or specific activities like arriving home, and enhance home security by simulating occupancy when away. Create custom scenes for different activities, such as adjusting lights and shades for bedtime. The system also includes geo-services to activate lights upon arrival and smart outdoor lighting that differentiates between humans and animals.

Control lighting and shades
Monitor water usage and protect leaks and flooding

Leak & Flood Protection

Central Ohio Securoty’s Leak & Flood Protection system provides advanced defense against water damage, the leading cause of home insurance claims. This smart solution rapidly detects leaks, offering automatic or app-controlled water shutoff to prevent costly damages. It also features a Smart Water Valve+Meter to prevent water waste and wireless sensors to safeguard vulnerable areas of your home, including under sinks and in attics. With added temperature monitoring, it’s an effective way to protect your home from water-related issues, including winter freezes.

Control Everything

The Alarm.com mobile app turns your smartphone into a central hub for managing your home or business security. It enables you to arm and disarm your system, control doors, and access real-time video feeds. Additionally, the app allows you to automate and manage settings like lighting, temperature, and water supply. With features like customizable scenes, smart alerts, and compatibility with Android Auto™ and Apple Watch, the app ensures convenient and efficient control over your security and automation needs, all from the palm of your hand.

Alarm.com mobile app